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Hmmm... How 'bout Dotty? We named our two Barred Rocks Laverne and Shirley.

Can't wait to hear what her REAL name is! :)

xo, Amber

Bristol, Estelle or Pebbles

Bonnie Blue -

How about Minnie Pearl. That's what came to my mind. Cute pics.

Stella Rose - This is my 7 year old daughters name and she is full of spunk.

Princess Leia (LAY-uh)

I love Juni - short for Juniper. Seems like such a spunky, fun name to me! :)

How about...Miss Annabelle McGillicutty....sounds regal and like she should be queen of the coop!

I think Cookie fits her!!

She looks like a Demi-Diva! (or just "Demi" or "Diva") Can't you picture her rockin' some bling and owning the yard doing the chicken walk? lol

She is a beautiful bird and sounds so sweet. =)


jewel....since she's your lil jewel!

Daisy Duke cause that girl's got spunk! Love the Barred Rocks. :)




We have four Barred Rock chicks and my 3 year old daughter named hers Noodle! Pretty funny! My daughter's name is Lola, which I think sounds very pretty and she if FULL OF PERSONALITY!!!! So, if you don't like Noodle:) Lola is my vote!!

How about Pipa Picklefeather?

Ruby Jane

Sweetie Pie or Daisy Belle

she has Betty Davis eyes...so I say Betty

She looks like a lil' miss happy, hearty HENrietta to me! She is so cute... I just want to give her hugs and pecks! ;) xoxo

Before I saw her picture I knew she was a Hazel!! Determined,outgoing, a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. I see many eggs in her future...quality eggs at that!!

Fun give away idea!!!

She reminds me of Greta Garbo....Greta.

Sweet Jane. I've always loved the name Jane and you said she was so sweet so, I like Sweet Jane. Like the Cowboys Junkies song. But Gertie is so dang cute, too!!



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