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That is a beautiful and heartwarming post, Rolane!

Adorable girls you have...first time visit!
So nice to meet you =)

I was remembering back when my two children were small...enjoy every moment... because time does fly by way toooo fast!

Blessing to you,


I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying reading your blog! I am adding you to my favorites on my blog...I hope thats ok with you! Keep up the good work! I am wishing you some sweet country love your way!

Beautiful photos and a very thought-provoking post!

In trying to make sure my children have the confidence to do what they desire in life, I am also learning the same--something that was never taught to me while I was growing up.

This post is a great reminder!

That was so beautifully written and so true. It does need to be nutured and indeed it is a journey. Being pregnant I have this new found strength inside and sometimes I surprise myself( or it could just be harmones:))Very touching!

Isn't it amazing how much children can change you! I have learned more about myself {then I ever thought possible in a lifetime!} after becoming a wife and mom.

Wonderful post, Have a happy Friday!


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