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I love anything with a bit of a story to tell...like the ice cream sign! LOVE it!

I love the picture of the old barn and windmill, very cool colors.

Love the Ice Cream sign . . . but I have always been a sucker for signs! Can't wait to be a vendor again at the Vintage Barn! Brenda

All are great finds but my favorite is the little girl sitting on the black bench that looks so much like one we have up in Angel's Attic. And the ice cream sign is so cute with that shabby pink paint! I'm not sure my family "gets" why I have an antique derrigotype of people I don't know on my mantle but I'm happy to adopt them. Fun to read your blog!
Linda @ InsideAngelsAttic

Hi Rolane!
Oh my gosh!! I love the frames!! Oh...and the pink "ice cream" sign rocks! Will that be for sale at the Vintage Barn Sale?
xoShari @ Southern Charm

Wow..thanks for making my Saturday morning! The ice cream sign is yummy :)I love your facebook page and already feel like we are old friend :) have a blessed day

Hi Rolane! The picture of the little girl with bird is adorable. May have to purchase it from you, hope its for sale:) See you in July...we miss you. xo Glad & Celia/Junebug

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