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Wooo Hoooo! So glad the barn is settled. Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

Enjoyed watching the barn move. Looking forward to sale!

Your barn move has been so much fun to "watch" along with you! Rolane,I really appreciated your phone call today re: my order. That is real customer service! I know that my mama and mama in law are going to love the aprons for mother's day. I am looking forward to receiving them. And maybe some day,taking a trip to see your barn in person!

Cant wait to do shows at newly moved barn!!!!! Parties, and help.

yay! such progress--have you remembered to go through the dirt in the former foundation area looking for buried treasure?

I was great to meet you at Laura's shower. I can't wait to see your barn in person!

I will be looking for your story in the Press. By the way, aren't you on Ramsey Road somewhere? I live on Garwood and saw a lot of heavy-duty equipment going by a few dayss ago--maybe for your barn? Best wishes.

whew! you can take a breath now! so happy it is safe and sound :)

Hubby and I are going to do a "drive by" tomorrow then head to Sandpoint...Got to see this beautiful barn....

Rolane & Dean - are you doing the happy barn dance? AWESOME!!!

Very Cool! I'm eying some vintage barn wood for making a bench & a table for my patio. There's a bunch of barns that are falling apart from neglect about an hours drive from my Suburban Chicao home. I've gotta find out who owns them & ask if I can check them out & take some wood for my project. Wonder what they'll say? Only one way to find put, huh? Your Barn is a lovely piece of Vintage History & I'm glad you've been able to move & restore it to such Beauty. Dud I ever tell you my Gradaddy used to live in Idaho? We've some nice photos of him there to keep our memories of him alive & well now that he's gone.

I'm so glad it's going well! Can't wait for the final *whew* when you're done!

Glad the move went well! :)

Love your aprons! Looking to buy one for my sister-n-law!
Kristin Waddell

That is so awesome! I have been in love with your barn since I came to the first Barn Show! I am so excited to see it this summer at the July show! and P.S. I love your daughters's new play house so adoreable! What a great idea about the garden! So fun for them! See you in July!

Woot! I never thought someone could move a BARN! Brings a new meaning to the term "barn-raising!" Congrats!

Bet you excited it is finaly in its new Home!!! How Exciting! :)

Glad to see the barn moved safe and sound. It's a beautiful barn. Can't wait to come up in July.

How cool! I have always wanted to renovate a barn but could never talk my dh into buying one. I get to live vicariously through you.
all the best to you.

marie at ehound dot info

That is AWESOME!!! I would have been a nervous wreck...lol

WOW how cool is that...We don't have a barn, but we do have old barn board on on our living room walls...Can't wait to see the rest...Linda

It's so exciting! Is it going to be open for business in time for the next Vintage Barn Sale?? I hope so. Looking forward to seeing it in it's new location.

It's nice to know that you can breathe easier with that behind you! What an extraordinary feat! Congrats on the success!

How awesome! I am in love with barns... don't have one in my life as yet, maybe someday! So glad it made it's move safely to the new landing spot!

How exciting!! so glad its finally in place...know you are going to love it!!

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