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One more thing...where do you shop to find all of those cute outfits?

Missed the vote, but I love all the outfits and especially #1. We were on the East Coast and didn't back in time for the show. It sounded like a great time!

I know it's too late, but I adore #2!!! Wish I was wearing it right now!!!

It was so fun seeing you at the show!!! love my t-shirt, as do my friends love theirs!!!!

Hopefully I'll make it over in July! I love your show out there!!! So does my dad, as he loves Prairie Flyer!!! Hope they'll be there too!!

Rolane, thank you SO much. I did get your email but had to come see your blog, too. I am so excited to have been selected, thank you. This is an amazing prize and I can't wait to proudly wear my awesome new shirt.

Can't wait to meet you Saturday!!


I vote for the 3rd one.

I like the 2nd and 3rd outfits. Love the 2nd one.

Leigh Anne
Junkin Sisters

Whatever you decide, you're going to look awesome :)

Well you sure didn't make it easy to choose! They're all adorable, but I vote for #1.

Enjoy the show!

I simply ADORE 2 & 3 - I want them for my daily clothes! Where did you get #3??? If ever an outfit defined my style, that is it!
Have a marvelous time!

Rolane, we think you are so darn cute, that you would look great in just about anything you wear! But...outfit #4 would be pretty cute to wear for Farm Chicks. See you soon!! Glad & Cel/Junebug

I'd choose #2 for the first day and #3 for the second day. Each of your choices are darling so really, you can't go wrong. Have fun!

I am loving outfit #2... However, you will will charming in any...

Ooo I love them all but my favs are #1 and #3.

Rolane, very difficult to decide. They are all sooooooo darn cute. I think you are lucky you have so many cute choices! I guess I am leaning towards 1 and 3. I am looking forward to seeing what you chose in person! Please do not enter me in the drawing because I won the last one and I love, love my t-shirt, apron and darling headband!!! It would be kinda greedy to try again so soon! :)

Love them all Rolane but @2 for sure! SHirl

They all are absolutely adorable! My favorites thought are #1 and #4! You will for sure be styling at Farm Chicks! Can't wait for next week:) See ya there!

I love #3! So adorable and full of sunshine!

Such a tough call, they are all beautiful ~ I vote for #2 of course :) and # 3~
I am sure the event will be fun!

oooohhhhhh! gorgeous! ok....I love the red/pink/white number with the boots...darn cute...then of course the last one...classic black/white...I think you'd look darling in any of them....but those are my fashion picks!!! Oh, and of course, a necklace to top the ensemble off!! xoshari

oooh oooh pick #1 pick #1 !! Do I sound like an annoying little kid in class?? #1 is adorable and so are you!

Those are all great outfits.....but I think I like #3 the most!


What in the cuteness????

I double love #2 and #3. Loooove them!

I LOVE #1, but #3 is also darn cute! I adore your taste, where in the world does one find such cute things?!

oh my gosh! they are all so cute! I mean, seriously....how can you decide? I just scrolled over them like 4 times. Ok, i just scrolled again. I can't decide! I just realized I am no help! I can't wait to see what you wear! I'll stop by and take a picture ;)

I like #1 but really I think in 2 days you could wear all 4 - just plan some stategic mid-day breaks!

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