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Good stuff. Thank you so so much for sharing your knowledge with the world through the Internet. Wonderful blog and post you got here

Bikini? Pfft. I haven't worn one in a bazillion years! Thanks for the laughs on the weight loss techniques of days gone by.

Haha! That is some funny stuff! Ahh... the crazy things women will do just to look a little better. I've crossed the 40 year mark... it ain't gettin' any better than what it is! :) Lordy knows I can spare the spare! Haha!
Good luck on your exercise plan!
;) Amber

ha! very fun, if scary! glad i'm living today and not then! love your blog and photos! will be following. :o)

Oh my gosh, these are way too funny! Thanks for sharing. I think I'd get into all kinds of trouble using some of those products, I'm a modern day Lucy :)

Love today's post.


Is Marilyn in heels? :-)

I love your blog!

Hysterical! I'd never heard of the tape worm method for weight loss. But hey, they are jar packed and easy to swallow. Thanks for the good laugh this morning. I'm sure you'll reach your goal - maybe celebrate by taking your winter bikini to a tropical paradise!

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