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well she looks speckled, maybe Polka Dottie; she's a bit round, maybe Chubbie Chickers; hahaha, I also love Lilly, and when I finally get my own chickens for sure one will be Daisy Mae, Pickles, Savannah, Jane Eyre, Louisa Mae, and Miss Elizabeth. Well, those are my ideas...I'm sure you'll have some fabulous choices! Stormy from Farmgirl Sisters on FB

Miss Charlotte Roost!

jessisa josephine.... call her jessie jo for short :D

I think Paris she is very Country Chic!

Shelby :)

I thought I left a comment last week but must not have!
I have actually never named a chick before so this is a firt:) I like Hilda Mae - Hilda was my grandma's name and Mae is my nieces middle name...both whom I adore and who have quite a bit of spunk!


Bessy Jean Hopper....... Has that old southern charm ring to it

I think she looks like Henny Penny from the Chicken Little book I loved as a child! I also like Freckles and Little Liza Jane. Any of those names fit her to a Tee! BTW, if you ever have a red hen, you should name her Miss. Scarlet .....just a thought :)

Having just started my own flock, names were most important, as I had to learn each ones personality. Ernestine really is a sweetheart!!! She's a ginger-colored Buff. I'm guessing she'd be real honored to have a friend with the same name. But, you know, they all have that "lil somthin" that makes 'em more than just a chicken! I'll make sure to tell ever'body "hey"..[Hatti,Bulah and Bryd,Louise,Zeda, Lena,Ester, Agnes, Possom and Spot...oh, my gosh, almost forgot Hawk. Then there's the 'chicken dog' Sprout and goofy "I'm pretty sure I'm a dog" cat, Cricket.

I think her name is Mad Mimi --- because she is mad about you! You could call her Madeline Mimi for the long version --- and M & M for short.

LaTeaDah from Gracious Hospitality

Vivianne or Adelaide

Masie Mae...Frannie Mae... She is beautiful! :)

I like Eliza Jane.

Fifi Trixibelle

Hildie...don't ask me why but it instantly came to me! Hildie...sweet and kind =)

she looks like a Stella or a Lucy :)

Scarlett Fancytail :D

Well, since the name I liked was already taken ;) I'll say Miss Allie! Why? Who knows, that's just what I thought when I saw her cute little face! She looks like a Miss Allie.

I would call her Dimples. She looks like some of the lava rocks we have that have white around their little holes.

Kitty, SheRock or Rocker Chic.

I Love the name "Gertie"!!!!
We just lost our big black Cochen rooster "Buddy"!! he was handraised and would nestled up to my husband like a sweetlittle puppy!!

Enjoy your "Gertie"!!!


I think Dolly would fit her. After Dolly Pardon of course. The most friendly, spunky farm chick ever!

Well, since she is a Barred Rock and Elvis is The King of Rock, then how about Priscilla?

Baylaa... it is French in origin and means beauty :)

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